$90 per kg


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Priced and sold in kg units. Standard $500 license fee per order waived when purchased through KBM! Call +1 513 824 8848 or email sales@kbmadvanced.com to place your order.
Minimum Purchase:
10 units
Maximum Purchase:
200 units

Elementum 3D’s premium A6061-RAM2 is a general-purpose AM aluminum alloy that features a good combination of excellent ductility, high strength, and good thermal conductivity. An additive printed AL6061 is of particular interest for many applications due to its unique balance of properties and efficient build speed. A6061-RAM2 builds more than 50% faster than AlSi10Mg on an EOS M290 and has a better "as built" surface finish.

  • Great corrosion resistance.
  • High weldability for engineering applications.
  • Stronger than many other aluminum alloys.
  • Fast build speeds for efficient manufacturing.
  • Suitable for manufacturing.

High Quality A6061 - RAM2 Aluminum Alloy

A6061-RAM2 aluminum alloy metal powder has applications in critical industries such as welded manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, chemicals, electronics, and the creation of capital goods. The high strength combined with reliable corrosion resistance and the traditional weldability of aluminum make this metal powder a favorite for additive manufacturing.

What sets Elementum3D’s RAM2 variant of aluminum powder apart from competitors is their Reactive Additive Manufacturing (RAM) process. RAM gives their alloys extra resistance to wear and tear, thermal stability, and conductivity. Create an account and order it from KBM — it’s that easy.

Arrives In A Flash

We at KBM are optimizing every step of the distribution process. Customers can rely on lightning quick lead times after their order is placed thanks to an efficient network that goes the extra mile to ship products quickly. We’re helping businesses create lean operations by allowing them to order at the exact times they need aluminum and other metal powders.

$90 per kg

Applicable Markets

  • Airplane against blue skies and clouds

    Aerospace Manufacturing

    The combination of weldability and reinforced strength make aluminum alloy an excellent choice for aerospace manufacturing.

  • Pylons at sunset with clouds

    Electricity Distribution

    The extra conductivity and thermal stability granted by RAM is a great fit for manufacturing pylons and electricity distribution.

  • Green train in a tunnel


    The structural stability of A6061-RAM2 alloy creates versatile additive products ready to withstand the demanding needs of the railway track.