About KBM


KBM Advanced Materials is a newly-established company specializing in financing, selling, and distributing metal powder for additive manufacturing, metal injection molding (MIM), and other advanced manufacturing markets. Our first-of-its-kind e-commerce business model bridges the inventory gap between a dispersed customer base and larger metal powder producers. We developed this to offer a simpler and more efficient solution to the metal powder supply chain.

Your Premier Digital Marketplace for Physical Materials

At KBM, we know that direct sales to customers drive market growth in the metal powder industry. That's why we're excited to launch a premier digital marketplace for specialty metal powders used in diverse industrial applications. Our e-commerce solution features an easy-to-use interface, secure online transactions, detailed product information, and pricing transparency. We understand each customer has specific needs, so we work to meet the challenges of each industry.

Our supply model is a huge step forward. We're able to provide a wide selection of ready-to-order metal powders with fast quoting and shipping, providing customers with their product within days. 

If you're a producer, know that:

  • We provide a valuable and accessible sales channel to the advanced manufacturing market.
  • Our supply model ensures more flexibility in managing inventory levels and production.
  • KBM sells your product under your brand, preserving your brand recognition and value.
sparks flying from metal manufacturing process

If you're a customer, know that:

  • With shipping within 48 hours, you can easily book jobs, plan R&D, and operate your business around KBM deliveries.
  • KBM has the metal powder alloys, size fractions, and brands you depend on for your operations in stock.
  • We can source raw materials from our network of reputable producers around the world. You can make one purchase with us rather than several purchases through different suppliers.
  • We provide reliable materials management solutions for customers. Buy and finance your metal powder inventory with sales support from experts at KBM. 

Reliable Supply Solutions You Can Count On

At KBM Advanced Materials, we understand the importance of having a consistent supply chain for metal powders. This is where our industry-tailored supply model comes in.

We offer you all the benefits of large-scale distribution without sacrificing consistency or quick turn-around times. Our team of experts is here to help, whether it’s small order support or custom process development. We have the expertise to ensure every order is fulfilled quickly and reliably.

By partnering with us, you enjoy superior solutions that save you time and money:

  • Ready-to-ship metal powders at our online e-commerce store
  • On-time delivery of supplies for recurring contractual orders
  • Inventory financing options that allow you to order now and pay later
  • Easy account set up for quick and simple ordering
  • A reliable supply model that works for tomorrow's manufacturing companies
  • Same-day pricing and shipping within 48 hours

Set Up a Consultation

KBM Advanced Materials is your professional partner in the world of metal powders. If you have any questions about our range of products and business services, please contact us.