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NanoAL - Addalloy® 5T 20/63

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NanoAL’s Addalloy 5T powder is precisely designed for additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Parts produced with Addalloy 5T have superior properties to those made with powders of traditional aluminum silicon based chemistries.

  • Proprietary aluminum chemistry atomized powder
  • Uniform alloy of spherical morphology
  • Print parameters on various technologies including EOS, Concept Laser, SLM and others
  • High strength and ductility makes this alloy suitable for structural applications

Addalloy® 5T for Additive Manufacturing

NanoAL's Addalloy® 5T is an advanced Al-Mg based alloy powder specifically designed for 3D printing. The patented composition of Addalloy 5T takes advantage of the atomization and SLM processes to create advanced microstructures with non-traditional strengthening mechanisms. After printing, 5T components may be treated with a simple T5 thermal cycle that both stress relieves the printed component and achieves peak aged conditions for optimal mechanical properties. The result is a high-performance alloy used for rapid prototyping and serial production components with properties that outperform analogous wrought 5xxx series alloys.

Want to learn more?  Check out the Addalloy® 5T Quick Start Guide for details on printer parameters, how 5T works, comparative data and more. 

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$163.8 per kg

Applicable Markets

  • Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing

    AM / 3D Metal Printing is transforming industrial production by enabling the creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems.