Additive Manufacturing

KBM gets you the powder you need for your additive manufacturing

Premium Metal Powder for Additive Manufacturing

Powdered metal is an essential building block for additive manufacturing. As a manufacturer, you will want to keep an eye on the size and shape that particles of different metals have when powdered, as these determine the quality of the powder. Suitable powders tend to be spherical so that they can be packed densely to create a strong product. The applications of these powders vary according to the industry the manufacturer operates in. But here at KBM, we have everything you need for your additive manufacturing.

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Simplifying Ordering

KBM Advanced Materials is the onlypowdered metalsdistributor with an ecommerce direct sales model. By cutting out several steps that customers usually have to deal with when buying additive manufacturing metal powder, KBM offers unbeatable service.

Financing The Future

At KBM, we understand that research and development takes time and money. Whether you’re an up-and-coming startup looking to break barriers in tech, or an enthusiast wanting to build a dream, KBM offers financing for your additive manufacturing metal powder — so you can focus on what really matters.

Just In Time, All The TIme

Our ecommerce direct sales business model combined with a unique distribution network allows us to ship items the very next day after receiving an order. KBM’s quick delivery time is an assurance to manufacturers that they can operate their businesses around our deliveries.

Certified Products

We simplify the ordering process, but maintain the premium characteristics that manufacturers are looking for. Quality comes assured with KBM. Customers receive the exact products they would get when ordering from a producer, along with certifications.