Get high quality metal powder for Aerospace materials from KBM

Premium Metal Powder for Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace materials manufacturing has evolved tremendously since incorporating 3D printing. Parts that once had to be painstakingly handcrafted can now be made significantly faster and more consistently. More and more, additive manufacturing technology has been revolutionizing the aerospace sector with parts that regularly improve aircraft performance. KBM supplies high quality metal powder for aerospace manufacturers with remarkably fast delivery so manufacturers can leverage these benefits immediately. 

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Pick and Choose

There’s never a lack of choice at KBM. We’re working with industry leading metal powder providers to supply a wide range of powders for aerospace metals, prototyping, and more. Customers can browse and order materials from multiple providers all at once with our easy ordering system.

Accessible Products

Entering the additive manufacturing sphere tends to be challenging due to the complex network of intermediaries customers need to navigate. With our lower minimum order quantities, getting started with 3D printing has never been easier - whether you’re looking to print materials for aerospace or consumer purposes.

Convenient Deliveries

Our unique business model has changed the way businesses look at deliveries. We’re working with an expansive distribution network to ship items as soon as the day after we receive your order. Businesses can count on our reliable deliveries and save on inventory costs.

Innovation For All

We understand that not every business has the capital to consistently acquire large quantities of metal powder for aerospace or other types of manufacturing. That’s why our lower minimum order quantities are just the beginning. Customers can contact us for financing, and we’ll ensure that everyone has the chance to innovate.