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Aheadd® CP1 20/63

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Aheadd® CP1 is an atomized aluminum powder, specifically an Aluminum-Iron-Zirconium alloy designed for additive manufacturing using laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF). Aheadd® CP1 offers high strength & ductility, excellent thermal/electrical conductivity, high productivity LPBF processing and simplified post-processing.

  • Aluminum Association No 8A61
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Si free, alloying allows for chemical polishing, decorative anodizing (type II), and hard anodizing (type III)
  • Standard heat treatment at 4h 400°C can be done in air without tight control of ramp and cooling rates
  • Compatible with all L-PBF machines

Aheadd® CP1 is the solution of choice for the aviation, satellites, automotive, motorsport, defense, transportation, and semiconductor industries.

High-Performance Atomized Aluminum Powder

The Aheadd® CP1 is a high-performance aluminum alloy powder that is free from any volatile elements, rare earth, silicon, or ceramic particle inclusions. It exhibits excellent thermal stability and can be customized through heat treatment for four hours at 400°C to achieve specific properties. CP1 offers the flexibility of adjusting the thickness of individual layers, giving design engineers a valuable edge in accelerating production times and reducing production costs. Contact KBM for more information regarding this atomized aluminum powder.

Certified Quality From Trusted Brands

KBM Advanced Materials is here to act as the inventory bridge between you and suppliers of high-quality additive manufacturing powder. We bring you products from brands you already know, trust, and use—with certified authenticity and faster lead times than the traditional way of ordering directly from the manufacturer and going through multiple hoops. All orders are shipped within 1-2 days so your business operations remain smooth and efficient. Explore our metal powder products and place your order now to experience the difference KBM can bring to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Atomized Aluminum Powder Produced?

Aluminum powder is produced through a process known as gas atomization where a molten stream of aluminum is dispersed into small droplets using a nozzle and exposed to a high-pressure gas which cools and solidifies the particles to form a fine powder.

What Is Aluminium Alloy Powder Used For?

Aluminum powder is used to create complex and lightweight parts through additive manufacturing for industries that require a high strength-to-weight ratio and design flexibility. It’s also used for coating and surface treatments, fireworks and explosives, and for manufacturing pigments and inks.

What Are the Different Types of Atomized Aluminum Powder?

There are different types of atomized variants of aluminum powder available, differing in their purity and density. They can consist of irregularly shaped particles, spherical particles, ultrafine particles, and alloyed particles. At KBM, we only supply highly spherical powder in different particle sizes such as this 20-63 micrometer cut of Aheadd® CP1.

What Type of Aluminium Alloy Powder Is Best?

What’s considered the best aluminum powder depends on the industry and application because different aluminum powders have different properties which are suitable for varied purposes. If you need help choosing the best one for your use case, please contact KBM. Our additive manufacturing experts are always here to help with your queries.

$163 per kg

Applicable Markets

  • A blue formula 1 sports car


    Given its intrinsic properties, the Aheadd® CP1 has been adopted by the motorsport industry for Formula 1 racing. It’s used to create highly efficient, compact, and lightweight heat exchangers.

  • A rocket in flight


    Atomized aluminum powder Aheadd® CP1 exhibits a high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance, making it ideal for creating strong and lightweight parts for aircraft and spacecraft.

  • A semiconductor chip


    With its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, oxidation resistance, and compatibility with silicon, CP1 aluminum alloy powder is ideal for manufacturing semiconductors.