KBM simplifies the process of purchasing powdered metals

Ready-to-Ship Aluminum Powder

KBM Advanced Materials makes it easy to replenish your aluminum alloy stock. We saw a problem and created a solution. Finally, now you can order the raw materials your manufacturing company requires with just in time delivery. Welcome to the future of aluminum additive manufacturing and distribution.

  • $190 per kg


    High Quality A6061 - RAM2 Aluminum Alloy A60...

  • $85 per kg
    TEKMAT AlSi10Mg 63/20 AMS

    TEKMAT AlSi10Mg 63/20 AMS

    Powerful Aluminum AlSi10mg This spherical al...

Our First-of-Its-Kind Approach

If you run or work at an aluminum additive manufacturing company, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the hassle associated with replenishing your raw materials. Our goal was to simplify the ordering process, and we succeeded. Explore our selection of high-quality powder brands and find what you need. We’re your inventory bridge.

Industry-Leading Shipping

When it comes to manufacturing, every moment is critical, especially when you’re running low on materials. That’s why we ship out orders within 1-2 days. We can even set up recurring orders so you always know that materials are on the way.

Quality Materials from Trusted Producers

Shop this aluminum powder with full confidence. We only carry powdered metals from the producers you already use. KBM Advanced Material is changing how you do business, but we’re not changing your product. Rest assured that you’ll always receive industry-standard metals for your aluminum 3D printing.

Partner with KBM

Our goal is to be your go-to supplier for aluminum powder and other atomized metals. We can work with you to create a financing plan if you need power now, but want to pay later. We offer business services that benefit everyone. Create an online account now to get started