$45.11 per kg

AM 316L (20-53um)

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500 units

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316L stainless steel (SS) is a staple material across multiple industries, with applications in petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and even architecture.

  • Reliable corrosion resistance
  • Low carbon variant
  • High weldability and easily workable
  • Supports cold working for high tensile strength
  • Excellent thermal resistance

Standard packaging:

20 kg (4x5 kg, 1 L PE bottles packed in cardboard box)

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Choose 316L For High Quality SS You Can Rely On

Hoganas has a long history of creating industry-grade materials with consistent properties, whether that’s 316L steel or titanium. These metal powders are ideal for additive manufacturing due to their sphericity, purity, and excellent flowability. To learn more about ordering from KBM, contact us or check out our FAQ!

Everything You Need, All In One Place

Premium 316L SS is just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re a small business experimenting with additive manufacturing, or a large-scale manufacturer looking for a reliable distributor, you’ll find everything you need at KBM. We’re making it easy to source high quality 316L materials without the hassle of calling in for quotes.

$45.11 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • dental tools on a tray

    Dental Appliances

    316L SS’ excellent machinability makes it an easy choice for dental appliance manufacturing, creating resilient products for long-term use.

  • pipelines at a petrochemical factory


    316L steel is commonly used for a variety of petrochemical applications. From equipment used for handling harmful acids to pipelines, this material’s superior corrosion resistance can be counted on.

  • person working on steel with a tool


    Whether it’s nuts and bolts or high-strength rods, support for cold working processes means that this steel can easily handle an immense amount of weight and pressure.