$74.95 per kg

Amperprint® 1556 18Ni300 (15-45um)

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300 units

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Amperprint 1556 gas atomized powder has gone through a vacuum induction melting and atomization process. The result is a spherical maraging steel powder that gives exceptional performance in additive manufacturing applications.

  • High hardness > 50 HRV
  • Toughness and Strength
  • High dimensional stability
  • Low distortions
  • High machinability
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Powerful Gas Atomized Powder

Amperprint 1556 is the tool and die steel that’s optimal for a wide variety of applications in the additive manufacturing field. It has a high hardness and machinability, and it can retain properties at temperatures up to -400 °C. It’s a great choice for any components that will see high wear. Learn more about this gas atomized powder when you contact us.

Your Inventory Bridge

Many other companies have high minimum orders that end up hindering smaller organizations from getting powders reliably. At KBM, however, our minimum order amounts are kept low, allowing smaller companies to get the volume of tool and die steel that they need. We are the inventory bridge between powder manufacturers and our customers of any size.

$74.95 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • industrial drill on metal


    The high machinability of this gas atomized powder makes it the material of choice for many industrial applications.

  • Man with additive manufacturing equipment

    Additive Manufacturing

    This steel offers low distortions and a high dimensional stability to be optimal for many additive manufacturing uses.

  • Airplane against blue skies and clouds


    This material’s ability to retain properties under extreme temperatures with high machinability make it ideal for plane components.