Binder Jetting

Precise Manufacturing With Binder Jetting Powder

Binder jetting is a popular additive manufacturing method among tooling, automotive, aerospace, and other industries that allows faster full-color prototyping and the production of high-precision and cost-effective end-use parts at scale. However, quality materials like stainless steel metal powder are a prerequisite for ensuring error-free manufacturing. At KBM, we’re proud to bring you high-performance binder jetting metal powder from renowned brands like Indo-MIM which is known for producing powder with excellent purity and mechanical properties. Create an account with KBM now to place your order!

Quality Binder Jetting Materials

Additive manufacturing is used for the production of key components in many advanced industries where integrity, reliability, and performance are of the utmost importance. Even small impurities in materials can compromise the component. With certified binder jetting powder from KBM, you can be sure you’re only getting the best materials for your purpose.

Improved Efficiency, Faster Production

Binder jetting is ideal for reducing your production costs and manufacturing complex parts at scale, much faster than other methods. With quality materials like stainless steel metal powder in your arsenal, you’ll have more design freedom, improved production efficiency, and lower overheads. Propel your business to success with authentic binder jetting powder.

Faster Lead Times

You have many tasks to oversee in your business and calling metal powder manufacturers to schedule an order can be a lengthy process. Let us help you take the load off with our direct sales platform that lets you order your desired binder jetting materials with just a few clicks. No need to jump through hoops. Order what you need online and it’ll ship within 48 hours.

Lower Minimum Orders

At KBM, we’re the solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re an individual with a backyard project, or a large manufacturing business with fast-paced production, KBM is here to cater to your needs. With lower minimum orders, you can purchase the exact amount of material you need and avoid unnecessary wastage or expenditure. Explore our metal powder products now to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of materials can be used in binder jetting?

Binder jetting supports a very impressive range of raw materials, including ceramics, polymers, and metals like stainless steel powder. These materials are deposited in-between a binding agent such as furan, silicate, or an aqueous-based binder layer by layer.

Do binder jetting parts need post-processing?

Whether a part needs post-processing or not depends on the use case, but post-processing methods like sintering, heat treatment, surface finishing, and machining are helpful for improving the finish and mechanical properties of the final part.

What are the advantages of binder jetting?

Speed is one of the greatest advantages of binder jetting. Multiple parts can be created at once for faster production. Also, the process happens at room temperature, so the parts are also unaffected by thermal distortions.

Does binder jetting need support material?

Not generally. In binder jetting, the 3D object is built layer by layer and thus doesn’t require any support structures to hold overhanging or complex geometries together. Even if support structures are required, they’re often very minimal.