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Continuum - Optipowder Nickel 718 (45-106um)

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The 45-106um size of Continuum’s Inconel Alloy 718, is the market’s most sustainable raw material for producing parts via the direct energy deposition or EBM additive manufacturing methods. It is designed for aerospace, oil and gas, and other applications where extreme environments are routine.

  • Produced by The Greyhound® foundry
  • Highly spherical and high-purity Nickel 718 powder
  • Extreme temperature resistant (-460°F/-273°C to 1300°F/704°C)
  • High tensile strength, impact strength, and yield
  • Creep-rupture properties and resistance to oxidation

Please download the Specifications and Safety Data Sheet documents below for more information.

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Optipowder - Sustainable Inconel Alloy 718 Powder

Optipowder Nickel 718 Superalloy Powder is an environmentally friendly nickel-based superalloy desired for its exceptional combination of strength, hardness, toughness, and corrosion resistance. Nickel-based superalloys metal powder have numerous applications in heavy industries and are often found in structural parts that encounter extreme operating temperatures and corrosive environments.

Continuum’s revolutionary Optipowder suite of metal powders is engineered exclusively from discarded materials, circulating them back into the manufacturing pipeline in the form of the highest quality powder. Produce your parts from a sustainable source without compromising on quality. Order now at KBM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are nickel-based superalloys metal powder made of?

Nickel-based superalloys use Nickel as the base constituent and combine it with a variety of alloying metals such as chromium, cobalt, molybdenum, tungsten, titanium, and aluminum. The Inconel Alloy 718 is primarily composed of nickel, chromium, and iron with niobium and molybdenum in small quantities and some other trace elements.

How Is Inconel 718 Metal Powder Produced?

Inconel 718 is typically produced through a process known as gas atomization where a stream of liquid metal is atomized into fine droplets and then rapidly solidified, resulting in fine powder. Continuum’s high-quality Inconel 718 metal powder is, however, produced with 100% recycled metal, maintaining a circular supply chain model.

What is Inconel Alloy 718 used for?

Inconel 718 finds high demand in industries where high-temperature and corrosion-resistant properties are a requisite. Owing to its exceptional performance in high temperatures, it’s utilized in the production of components such as turbine discs, blades, and fasteners in the aerospace industry and engine components in the automotive industry. It’s also used for wellhead components in the oil and gas industries and in the chemical processing industry.

Is Inconel 718 stronger than steel?

Yes, Inconel Alloy 718 often surpasses the strength of many types of stainless steel at high temperatures as it has been specifically engineered to withstand elevated temperatures and corrosive environments. Further heat treatments also contribute to the higher tensile and yield strengths of this nickel-based superalloys metal powder.

$47 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • A rocket laying horizontally on the tarmac at sunset

    Aerospace & Aviation

    With its high tensile strength and creep resistance at elevated temperatures, Inconel 718 is fit for the production of critical components such as combustion chambers, turbine discs, blades, and casings in jet engines in the aerospace and aviation industries.

  • An offshore oil drilling rig on water

    Oil and Gas

    Inconel 718 is used for the production of wellhead equipment, downhole tools, valves, and other parts in the oil and gas industries which require excellent creep-rupture strength and resistance to high temperatures, corrosion, and extreme pressures.

  • A chemical processing plant

    Chemical Processing

    The chemical processing industry benefits from Inconel Alloy 718’s exceptional resistance to corrosive chemicals and utilizes it for components such as heat exchangers, valve and fittings, reaction vessels and chambers, and catalyst support structures among others.