Sustainable Metal Products

High Purity Nickel Powder Supplier

Continuum, headquartered in Los Gatos, California, is a pioneer in producing additive manufacturing (AM) materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and nickel powder through sustainable metal recycling. Their ISO/AS-certified commercial metal powders not only contribute to global sustainability goals and responsible metallurgy but are also of high quality. Continuum’s Optipowder range is known for its high traceability, purity, and versatility across multiple applications in AM processes such as Metal Injection Molding (MIM), making it a desirable choice for many industries. KBM is glad to bring this nickel powder supplier to our customers. Browse this selection now and place your order.

Sustainable, High-Purity Metal Products

Continuum metal powders are produced with 100% recycled and responsibly sourced materials such as scrap metals like titanium, stainless steel, and Inconel, contributing to a circular economy in metallurgy. Despite their source materials, Continuum powders are of high purity and sphericity, with minimal deformations and a consistent microstructure. These powders are hence suitable for error-free 3D printing.

Diverse Range of Applications

Continuum is a nickel powder supplier that enables manufacturers to achieve precise, reliable, and efficient results no matter the application. This is why they’re preferred by industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical, food processing, heavy industry, and more that require robust material properties that deliver high performance. See our product portfolio for more such metal powder.

Accessible Order Minimums

KBM caters to businesses both big and small. So whether you’re a large corporation in need of bulk quantities or an individual looking for small quantities for their backyard project, we are here to fulfill your needs as your inventory bridge with low minimum orders. Prevent wastage and reduce your operational costs by ordering exactly what you want in the amounts you need.

Raw Materials On a Few Clicks

Additive manufacturing has advanced by leaps and bounds yet acquiring AM materials has always been a tedious task for many manufacturers. KBM is the only company that allows manufacturers to order their desired materials online with just a few clicks and with fast lead times. Products from your preferred nickel powder supplier get shipped out within 48 hours. So create an account with us and place your order now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nickel powder used for?

In additive manufacturing, nickel powder finds use in the creation of aerospace components such as turbine blades, engine parts, heat exchangers, and other structural elements, Nickel being a biocompatible element is also used for the production of orthopedic implants and dental prosthetics. Some other uses include tooling and molds, prototyping, and R&D.

Who is the best nickel powder supplier?

The best supplier for you would be highly subjective depending on the specific properties you need in your materials, your budget, and your location. Some suppliers that the AM experts at KBM trust are Continuum, Höganäs, Carpenter Additive, KOS, Tekna, and IndoMIM. You can procure all of these here on our website.

What makes Continuum metal products sustainable?

Many of Continuum’s products are made from 92% recycled composite waste. Their Optipowder range has been engineered from 100 percent recycled materials. They’re the creators of The Greyhound® foundry which enables manufacturers to produce powders onsite or locally with recyclable composites and solid metals in order to reduce their environmental footprint.

Do you send nickel powder supplier certifications?

KBM serves as your inventory bridge, connecting you to our vast global network of metal powder producers. When you order your desired products from your preferred brands, we ship them to you along with their original certificates to validate their authenticity so you can be assured that you’re getting the highest-quality product. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.