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Copper with its exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity is a key raw material in nearly every industry. KBM brings you a selection of high-quality copper powder from trusted manufacturers that have been engineered for superior strength, conductivity, and reliability. Discover a diverse range of alloys to match your desired specifications and order them online at KBM for faster lead times.

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Reliability is of the utmost importance in additive manufacturing. Even a small impurity can lead to unexpected consequences. This is why we only partner with manufacturers with a track record of producing metal powder such as copper alloys of the highest purity and mechanical properties.

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KBM helps you plan your R&D, scheduling, and other essential business operations with peace of mind knowing your raw material is taken care of. Whether you’re a small company or an established manufacturing business, our minimum order limits will ensure you have exactly what you need at all times.

Shipped Within Two Days

With KBM, you won’t ever have to worry about production delays due to insufficient materials. Our copper alloy and other metal powder are always in stock and shipped within 2 days from order placement to keep your production line uninterrupted. Meet the rising demands of your business without the fear of low inventory holding you back.

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Tap into our network of metal powder manufacturers and let us be your inventory bridge. You can create recurring contractual orders and enjoy flexible financing options. Contact us to learn more or create an online account with us now to order copper powder and any other metal powder you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use copper alloys over pure copper?

Pure copper offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, however, alloys have a significant advantage in terms of strength, corrosion resistance, design flexibility, and other mechanical properties. Since alloys have enhanced properties and design flexibility, they’re better suited for most applications.

Which alloys are made with copper?

Copper can be mixed with a wide variety of metals. Some popular alloys are brass, bronze, arsenical copper, billon, cupronickel, beryllium copper, aluminum bronze, nickel silver, gunmetal, and silicon bronze. There are many such alloys that use copper as one of the constituents.

Does copper alloy tarnish or turn green?

Certain alloys of copper such as bronze and brass do turn green over time, however, whether the alloy will tarnish or not is heavily dependent on the composition and environment. Some alloys may tarnish at a slower pace or not at all. Protective coatings and regular maintenance is the most effective way of preventing or slowing down tarnishing.

What are the uses of copper powder?

Thanks to its exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity, powdered copper is used in the electronics industry for wiring, conductive inks, printed circuit boards, and electrical contacts. It’s also an essential material for brake pads in automotive, thermal management systems, and chemical reactions.