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CT PowderRange 316L (15-45um)

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CT PowderRange 316L is a 1.4404 stainless steel powder that is low carbon and non-magnetic. It has excellent weldability in laser and electron-beam additive manufacturing processes.

  • High impact toughness and ductility
  • Moderate strength and creep resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance

It can be processed in either argon or nitrogen shielding gas.

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Get 1.4404 Stainless Steel

316L stainless steel’s price and utility make it perfect for a wide variety of industries. It cannot be strengthened through post-processing heat, but can be solution annealed to improve corrosion resistance. The methods used for this can be traditional machining, abrasive flow machining, shot-peening, grinding, polishing, and many other methods.

Download the material specifications and safety data sheet for more information.

Click-to-Order Metal Powder

At other companies, you have to go through many different steps before you can finally get 316L stainless steel for your company. At KBM, we have an e-commerce business model that lets you buy via our online store — no need to jump through hoops. All you have to do is click to order and we’ll get your 316L powder order ready to ship in 1-2 days, getting you your powder when you need it.

$46.76 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • Additive Manufacturing


    This material can be used for medical implants as well as valves and fittings in the medical field.

  • Spray Coating


    316L stainless steel price and functionality make it suitable for car manufacturing.

  • Additive Manufacturing


    This 1.4404 stainless steel can be used for many instrumentation devices found in the aerospace industry.