Customer Testimonials

Why Is KBM The Go-To Distributor?

Our Customers’ Stories

KBM Advanced Materials is known for being the premier digital marketplace for powdered metal, but what makes us stand out is our service. Whether it’s individual customers, research universities, or large industrial manufacturers, our smaller minimal order quantities make additive manufacturing accessible for everyone. Customers prefer to buy at KBM for the effortless ordering process, but they keep coming back for the fantastic customer service.

We’ll Recycle What You Don’t Need

KBM is committed to making a difference both for customers and the environment. We accept back overused powder and metal condensate for recycling, and may credit the customer for it as an incentive.

Lightning Fast Ordering

In minutes, you can create an account and get started with additive manufacturing at KBM. Customers can go from signing in to having their order shipped the very next day with our fast lead times. Modern enhancements to the ordering process, such as order tracking, let you know where your order is at all times.

World-Class Service

Whether you need assistance before ordering, or have questions after an order is placed, KBM is standing by to help. You can contact us directly and speak to an expert immediately. We also have a detailed FAQ with common questions.

Consistency For All

KBM runs on reliability. Our orders are dispatched as early as the following day after being placed. By allowing customers to order just what they need, when they need it, we’re helping save on inventory costs and also meeting those sudden surges in demands that you may face.