Direct Energy Deposition and Electron Beam

Error-Free 3D Printing Solutions

Cutting-Edge Direct Energy Deposition Materials

3D printing methods that utilize a direct energy source for fabrication require high-quality materials from reliable manufacturers to yield parts with optimal performance. KBM is proud to bring a curated selection of fine metal powders to empower your business to create intricate, durable, and high-precision components. Count on us to be your inventory bridge for all your metal powder needs!

  • $32.28 per kg
    KOS - 17-4 (45-150um)

    KOS - 17-4 (45-150um)

    Industry-grade Steel Powder, Now For Sale at...

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  • $32.28 per kg
    KOS - 17-4 (45-100um)

    KOS - 17-4 (45-100um)

    Optimized Stainless Steel For Sale This 45-1...

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Fine 3D Printing Metal Powder

3D printing has numerous applications in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries which require the utmost accuracy and reliability in parts. KBM’s collection of direct energy deposition materials has been selected with care to bring you only the best metal powder with optimal microstructure, minimal satellites, and high purity levels.

Unparalleled Precision and Customization

The layer-by-layer printing method allows full design flexibility, enabling the creation of highly intricate and complex parts that meet the exact specifications you set. With quality materials from brands such as Continuum, KOS, and TEKNA, you can ensure error-free printing every time with your desired mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties.

Authentic Products From Trusted Brands

Reliability is paramount when working with additive manufacturing materials. The slightest of shortcomings can compromise the integrity of the final part. That’s why KBM only stocks products from leading brands that are preferred by design engineers across the globe. We send you authentic and certified direct energy deposition and other 3D printing materials from brands you already know, use, and trust.

Shipped Within 48 Hours

When you know that KBM has your raw material in stock and only days away, you can keep your production line running without any delays. Being your inventory bridge, we connect you to a wide network of metal powder manufacturers so you can schedule your production equipment around larger, regular blanket orders from KBM. Create an account with us now to place your order and have it shipped out in the next 48 hours!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is direct energy deposition (DED)?

Direct Energy Deposition (DED) is an additive manufacturing/3D printing method where layers of metal powder such as titanium and stainless steel are melted and fused together using a high-energy laser or electron beam to create a 3D object.

What are the different types of DED?

There are three types of DED, based on the energy source being used to melt and fuse the layers of the feedstock material: laser-based DED, electron beam-based DED, and plasma or electric arc-based DED. Depending on the material being used, it can also be either powder-based DED or wire-based DED.

What are the advantages of direct energy deposition 3D printing?

DED is popular among manufacturers due to its ability to yield dense and strong parts with a near-net shape that requires minimal post-processing. In addition, DED has a fast build rate and is ideal for repairing existing parts and is well-suited for large-scale production.

What is the use of DED?

DED is used in industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and defense for key components such as aircraft frames and structures, refractory metal parts, and tooling conditioning. It’s widely used for rapid prototyping, repairs, and the fabrication of low-volume parts.