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Elementum3D Products, Delivered Effortlessly

Founded in 2014, Elementum3Dis an industry leader in R&D and as a metal powder manufacturer. With a team of experts in additive manufacturing and materials science, they’re working to revolutionize metal printing with their reactive additive manufacturing technology (RAM). RAM reinforces alloy powders, allowing the production of high quality powders that can be printed. Elementum3D has managed to apply this tech to a range of metals, from aluminum to tantalum. Alongside their specialized RAM technology, they also produce high volume powder solutions for manufacturers. Their products are distinguished by their stability and strength.

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    High Quality A6061 - RAM2 Aluminum Alloy A60...

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Distributing Excellence

KBM is overcoming the limitations of the usual ordering process for metal powder manufacturers. As a leader in the industry, KBM is helping distribute top brands including Elementum3D. Manufacturers can depend on KBM Advanced Materials for blazing fast lead times and an ordering experience that just keeps producers coming back for more.

Quality With Scale

KBM services clients with high volume orders while providing the high quality materials that they’re used to. Overcoming the traditional industry hurdles of sluggish ordering and long wait-times, our cutting-edge distribution platform allows producers to use premium materials more efficiently than ever before.

We Preserve Brands

As a premier distribution platform in the additive manufacturing industry, KBM excels while allowing powder brands to shine. We retain and enhance brand equity and name recognition for a mutually beneficial partnership, allowing us to serve customers with brands they rely on. And when we deliver products, both customers and producers can be confident we’re distributing powder from high-quality brands.

Covering Every Need

With our spread of diverse brands, KBM offers customers choices for any additive manufacturing endeavor. KBM’s selection includes stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and cobalt, among others. As a distributor with a forward-facing outlook, KBM is conscious of the environmental angle too. We accept overused powder for recycling and credit the client for that amount as an incentive.