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Easily Order North American Hoganas

KBM is the 3D printer metal supplier that makes buying powder simple. Through us, you can order North American Hoganas directly through our e-commerce site. With KBM, you don’t need to jump through hoops to get the material you’re looking for. We make the entire process hassle-free.

Matching Certs

One of the things we focus on with our products is matching the certs that go with every product. That means you’re guaranteed to receive the exact same products you usually get from the 3D printing metal supplier you know.

Fast Lead Time

Normally, buying North American Hoganas requires waiting a long time for it to arrive thanks to slow restocking and shipping practices. At KBM, we focus on keeping sufficient inventory stocked and making our shipping process as swift as possible. Often, products can ship within 1-2 business days. That ensures that you get your products on time when you need it most.

Your Inventory Bridge

We connect powder manufacturers and advanced manufacturing companies both large and small in a seamless and simple business relationship. With most suppliers, you have to buy your advanced manufacturing powder in large bulk quantities. For smaller companies, that’s often infeasible and makes it difficult to break into the market. At KBM, we keep the minimum order amount low — that keeps our supplies accessible for all companies that require metal powders. Don’t let other providers force you out of the market by making you buy in bulk.

Direct Sales

Other companies make you go through a lengthy process before you can order your North American Hoganas metal powder. Not only does that slow you down, it feels completely antiquated. KBM is the first company where you can buy your supplies directly through an e-commerce site. Just click to order and we’ll get your shipment ready.