High-Precision Metal Powder

IMR Metal Powder Technologies

IMR specializes in producing high-quality metal powder for automotive, electronics, chemical, and many other industries. They’ve developed their own processes for powder production and processing to produce a wide range of particle size distributions and particle shapes. Browse high-quality IMR metal powder and order now at KBM for fast shipping.

Tailored for Your Requirements

IMR metals are high-precision atomized powders tailor-made for additive manufacturing. They have a spherical morphology, low satellites, excellent flow characteristics and density, and an even microstructure.

Extensive Quality Control

At IMR Metal Powder Technologies, quality is of the utmost importance. Their products undergo extensive quality control with the latest equipment to ensure high purity for error-free 3D printing. Choose them with confidence for your needs.

Authentic Metal Powder

At KBM Advanced Materials, we bring you authentic, high-quality metal powder from some of the best global manufacturers such as Indo-MIM, KOS, and IMR. Every shipment comes with a certificate of authenticity so you can rest assured knowing your raw material is genuine.

Fast Lead Time

Gone are the days of calling up manufacturers, waiting for a quote, and then scheduling a shipment. With KBM, you can enjoy faster lead times and keep your production line running uninterrupted with timely delivery of your raw materials. Create an account with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IMR metal powder reliable?

Yes, IMR is one of the leading producers of metal powder globally. They’re known for producing high-performance zinc, lead, tin, and aluminum metal powder that undergoes extensive quality control using state-of-the-art testing equipment before leaving their facility.

What are IMR metals used for?

IMR produces a variety of metal powder in a variety of particle sizes distributions and shapes, which is why they’re suitable for many types of additive manufacturing technologies like Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Electron Beam Melting (EBM), for a variety of industries such as aerospace and automotive.

What are the advantages of using IMR metal powder?

Powder from IMR is known for its high purity, excellent flowability, consistent particle size distribution, and superior metallurgical properties. This is critical for producing high-quality and reliable metal parts that make up significant structural components.

What’s the fastest way to order IMR powder?

The fastest way to order IMR powder is through KBM Advanced Materials. We have a selection of the best IMR powder, available at fast lead times. We also offer lower minimum orders and financing for smaller companies. Contact us today to learn more!