High-Performance Metal Injection Molding Materials

Indo-MIM Metal Powders for Reliable Manufacturing

Indo-MIM is a highly reputed and trusted producer of metal powders that are known for their high purity and reliability in metal injection molding. Their powders are created through a cutting-edge process that utilizes both vacuum melting and gas atomization methods to produce finely powdered metal with uniform particle size and shape.

Indo-MIM has established itself as a leader in additive manufacturing materials with a broad range of high-quality powders, including ferrous, nickel, and cobalt-based alloys, which are suitable for all AM technologies like DMLS, EBM, DED, and Binder Jet Process. Order these high-performance Indo-MIM metal powders from KBM for faster delivery and guaranteed authenticity.

State-of-the-art Atomization Process

Indo-MIM utilizes an advanced “Vacuum Melting With Inert/N2 Gas Atomization Application” with an “Anti-Satellite Blower” that yields dense powders with a highly spherical microstructure, very low levels of impurities, and excellent flowability. This carefully controlled production method ensures error-free metal injection molding and additive manufacturing of large complex structures for a variety of industries.

Heat-Treatable for Wide Applications

Many of Indo-MIM’s powders can be heat-treated to attain specific mechanical and physical properties after MIM or AM. Additionally, post-treatment options like Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) can be applied to further enhance the mechanical properties for the most demanding applications in industries like aerospace, biomedical, and automotive, which require high-performance materials.

The Go-To Inventory Bridge for Powder

KBM works with a vast distribution network and leading producers from across the globe to fulfill all your AM and MIM metal powder needs. We offer faster lead times as well as the option to place lower minimum orders so you can buy only as much product as you actually need. Create an online account with KBM to get started today.

Authenticity Guaranteed Every Time

We know how important the authenticity of metal injection molding materials is for your business. The foundation of quality manufacturing depends on quality products. You will only receive the same product you know and trust as if ordering directly from the producer, with the original certificate proving its authenticity. Contact us if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How strong is MIM metal compared to wrought metal?

In terms of strength and hardness, MIM components come close to wrought parts with a density of 95% to 98%. With post-treatment Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), MIM parts can reach a density close to wrought parts.

What is the benefit of MIM over traditional manufacturing?

The ability to quickly produce high-strength and complex parts on a large scale is the biggest benefit of MIM over traditional manufacturing. Additionally, MIM is more cost-effective and creates low material waste.

What are the common types of metal injection molding materials?

Stainless steel, tungsten, copper-based alloys, titanium alloys, low-alloy steel, cobalt and nickel-based superalloys, and soft magnetic alloys are some of the most common types of MIM metals in use.

What are some uses of metal injection molding?

MIM is used for a wide range of applications across various industries, including automotive parts, electrical components, medical and dental devices, household products, agriculture, and aerospace components.