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IndoMIM - 17-4PH Nitrogen AM (15-53um)

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Indo-MIM’s 17-4PH H1150 Nitrogen stainless steel (SS) alloy contains elements of copper, talanium, and niobium. 17-4PH SS is industry-ready with superior tensile strength and resistance to extreme temperatures and corrosion.

  • Enhanced strength after hardening
  • Designed around additive manufacturing
  • Maintains its shape even in strenuous conditions
  • Highly machinable
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17-4PH H1150 For Additive Manufacturing

Indo-MIM’s inert gas atomization process creates metal powders with superior characteristics. Their 17-4PH H1150 steel is designed to enhance your additive manufacturing process—whether it’s laser bed fusion or direct metal laser sintering—with its superior sphericity and flowability. To learn more about stainless steel at KBM, contact us!

KBM Makes Additive Manufacturing Easier

From 17-4PH SS to premium titanium alloys, KBM works with leading global brands to bring together the best in additive manufacturing materials. KBM customers can take their pick from different brands and order everything together. With our fast lead times, businesses can plan their operations around our deliveries.

$40.14 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • 3d printer working on a metal print

    Additive Manufacturing

    Indo-MIM’s smooth and spherical metal powders are ideal for DMLS and fusion bed additive manufacturing, ensuring error-free and fast printing.

  • an aircraft docked at an airport


    Hardened 17-4PH H1150 metals are commonly used in aircraft manufacturing due to their extraordinary toughness and resistance to wind abrasion.

  • a chemical plant by the sea


    17-4PH SS is a natural fit for petrochemical applications with its superior chemical resistance, even in chloride environments.