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IndoMIM - 18Ni300 Nitrogen AM (15-53um)

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18Ni300 maraging steel is a unique subset of steel that boasts an extraordinary level of resistance and strength to external pressures, even in the most demanding settings. Also known in Europe as the 1.2709 standard, this maraging steel is suitable for manufacturers looking for specialized inputs.

  • High tensile strength and hardness
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Suitable for welding even without preheating
  • Features great machinability
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18Ni300, For Maraging Steel That Rises To The Challenge

This low-carbon tool-and-die steel is easily heat-treatable with a thermal age-hardening process. Its excellent mechanical properties are complemented by a high level of hardness and tensile strength. 18Ni300 maraging steel outputs can be used in industrial settings as well as other demanding environments such as aerospace manufacturing. For more information on ordering from KBM, check out our FAQ.

KBM Makes Ordering Easier

KBM provides users the ability to cut through the noise and get rid of the multiple middlemen traditionally involved in metal powder acquisition. With KBM, all you have to do to order is add your 1.2709 maraging steel to your cart and check out! You can even add products from different manufacturers simultaneously and track your order online afterwards.

$70.78 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • a view of the interior of a rocket


    This low-carbon 18Ni300 maraging steel is a great fit for aerospace manufacturing due to its high tensile strength and resistance to extreme thermal pressures.

  • person working with tools emitting sparks

    Tools & Components

    The versatility offered by maraging steel in terms of preheating means that manufacturers can use it as a fast input for welding tools and other components used in capital machinery.

  • a column of wind turbines

    Energy Production

    The wide range of suitable markets for maraging steel includes nuclear plant parts, as well as more conventional energy generation through rotors used in centrifuges.