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IndoMIM - 316L Nitrogen Binder-Jet (<=25um)

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Indo-MIM’s 316L Nitrogen stainless steel is designed around enhancing binder jetting processes. This austenitic stainless steel powder, now for sale at KBM, is highly machinable and also carries enhanced resistance against chloride.

  • Easily weldable
  • High machinability
  • Designed for binder jetting
  • Enhanced thermal and abrasion resistance
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Binder Jetting With 316L Stainless Steel

Binder jetting is an innovative additive manufacturing technology that uses binding agents to create outputs, layer-by-layer. Indo-MIM’s novel inert gas atomization process ensures maximum purity for their 316L steel powders, creating an input that manufacturers can truly rely on. To learn more about stainless steel powders for sale at KBM, contact us!

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Ordering high quality materials from leading manufacturers has never been easier. With KBM, you can take your pick of multiple metal powders and order them simultaneously. Our distribution network ensures lightning fast delivery times, allowing producers to plan their operations around our deliveries.

$38.02 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  •  a 3d printer working on a large design

    Binder Jetting

    Indo-MIM’s 316L Nitrogen powder has been engineered to be the ideal input for binder jetting. Optimum flowability and purity values ensure that your prints get completed without a hitch.

  • a group of gold and silver cogs


    With a high level of resistance to thermal stress, this steel can be used to create molds that retain their complex forms even after extended use.

  • metal tools on a table


    Weldability and machinability are some of the most important characteristics of tooling steel. This low-carbon stainless steel powder for sale at KBM can be used to create efficient tools.