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IndoMIM - 430L Nitrogen AM (15-53um)

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Indo-MIM’s 430L is a ferritic stainless steel that promises a premium finish, high corrosion resistance, and appealing mechanical properties like ductility and machinability.

  • Ideal for additive manufacturing operations
  • Excellent flowability
  • Industry-grade chemical resistance
  • Suitable for use at extreme temperatures
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Elevate Additive Manufacturing With 430L Stainless Steel

Smooth additive manufacturing ultimately depends on the quality of the input material. Indo-MIM ensures that their 430L stainless steel provides maximum efficiency at a competitive price, focusing on purity and sphericity. Contact us to learn more about ordering stainless steel at KBM!

KBM Understands What It Takes

As a business, KBM has a tradition of working with leading metal powder manufacturers and distributors from across the globe. Whether it’s bulk discount pricing on 430L or fast shipping services for stainless steel, we understand what producers are looking for in a distributor. Check out our FAQ to learn more about what makes KBM an industry favorite.

$47.58 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • an empty operating theater


    Excellent corrosion resistance even for extended durations makes 430L stainless steel a great choice for implants and other medical applications.

  • a silver car being built in a factory


    The high machinability of this material speeds up automotive manufacturing, making it easier to customize and even print out complex components.

  • highrises under construction


    Low carbon stainless steels like 430L are a common choice for building frames due to their high ductility, even at a low price point.