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IndoMIM - H13 Nitrogen AM (15-53um)

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Indo-MIM’s H13 Nitrogen tool steel combines great abrasion and wear resistance with industry-grade ductility and tensile strength. This H13 metal can undergo a nitriding process to further increase wear resistance.

  • High ductility
  • Designed to optimize additive manufacturing
  • A tough steel suitable for tooling
  • Maintains its form both at high and low extreme temperatures
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H13: For a Reliable Tool Steel That Rises To The Challenge

Tool steels have long been in use as materials for creating hardened saws and other tools, H13 takes this a step further with its versatility. Thanks to Indo-MIM’s gas atomization process, this particular metal powder is great for additive manufacturing applications. To learn more about tool steels at KBM, reach out today!

Additive Manufacturing, Simplified

We’ve made it easy to shop for H13 and other popular metal powders online. Featuring premium brands from across the globe, KBM users can take their pick of metal powders from multiple manufacturers and order them simultaneously.

$55.61 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • a 3d printer working with H13 tool steel

    Additive Manufacturing

    Ensure smooth printing every time with Indo-MIM’s highly spherical and pure H13 tool steel - designed to enhance additive manufacturing.

  • a textured h13 tool steel mold


    Forging excellent dies requires a very particular type of material. H13 metal molds can withstand long-term usage and retain their complex geometry.

  • robots working on a car in a factory


    H13 resists thermal fatigue cracking from repeated heating and cooling, making it a great choice for automotive manufacturing.