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IndoMIM - Inconel 718 Argon AM (15-53um)

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The Inconel 718 alloy line, Indo-MIM’s exciting new precipitation-hardening nickel chromium alloy features superior tensile, fatigue, and creep strength, all at a competitive price.

  • Retains its mechanical properties even at extreme temperatures
  • Designed around additive manufacturing
  • Great resistance to abrasion and wear
  • Easily machinable
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Premium Inconel 718 At a Competitive Price

Additive manufacturing experts will recognize the importance of the Inconel 718’s price-to-performance ratio. From gas turbines to components used in aerospace manufacturing, this alloy is a staple in a range of diverse applications. Indo-MIM’s unique gas atomization technique lends this powder a high grade of purity. To learn more about the nickel chromium at KBM, contact us!

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$77.97 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • a row of turbines on a hill


    Inconel 718 alloy is known as a ‘superalloy’, this is because even at a competitive price, it can retain its incredible mechanical properties at high temperatures. This metal is commonly used in turbines to extend their life.

  • a group of planes in a flight formation


    Consistent aerospace manufacturing calls for reliable nickel chromium that can resist abrasion while still being able to hold its shape.

  • 3d printer working on a coliseum print

    Additive Manufacturing

    This material excels in various types of additive manufacturing such as DMLS due to its high grade of purity.