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KOS - 304L (45-150um)

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This 304L stainless steel alloy is perfect for intensive types of additive manufacturing, and has applications in petrochemicals, automotives, and beyond. Enhance your 3D printing with KOS’ type 304 stainless steel today.

  • Easily workable
  • Features boosted corrosion and thermal resistance
  • Free of impurities and satellites
  • Enhanced through argon-based EIGA atomization
  • High durability

Please download the material specifications and safety data sheet for more details.

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Premium Type 304 Stainless Steel–Perfected With EIGA

KOS’ offers a range of high-quality stainless steel powders in varying particle sizes. This larger 45-150um variant is suitable for error-free direct energy deposition. Enhanced with the unique argon-based EIGA atomization process, this 304 alloy is free of impurities and minor satellites that might impact production.

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$44 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • a 3D printer and plastic models on a desk

    Direct Energy Deposition

    Efficient direct energy deposition requires larger particle sizes that can still maintain their purity. KOS’ type 304 stainless steel is ideal for seamless DED and similar 3D printing methods.

  • multicolored factory chimneys against the sky


    Chemical plants and even regular industrial settings that work with a variety of different corrosive inputs will benefit from this steel’s innate resistance.

  • a 3d printer working on a prototype


    Small businesses and start-ups looking to build robust prototypes can rely on this low-carbon variant’s workability.