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KOS - 304L (15-53um)

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304L Stainless Steel For Heat Exchangers, Aerospace, & Automotive

KOS 304L stainless steel powder is produced through the EIGA process using argon, making it a unique high quality product within the additive manufacturing materials market.  EIGA atomization is generally reserved for titanium alloys, refractory metals and precious metals.  It ensures powder with minimal satellites, highly spherical shape and excellent chemistry.   KOS has decided to bring this level of production quality to 304L.  It is exclusively for sale through KBM.

Alloy 304 is the most versatile and widely used alloy in the stainless steel family.  Applications include heat exchangers, automotive and aerospace structural use, as well as a variety of home and commercial applications.  KOS' 15-53um 304L is tailored for LPBF 3D printing.  

Lightning Fast Lead Times

KBM works with leading manufacturers across the globe, acting as an ‘inventory bridge’ for producers and additive manufacturers. Along with our bulk discount prices, we’re making ordering 304L stainless steel a seamless experience with order tracking. Our fast lead times allow us to ship your order out as soon as the next business day.

$55.02 per kg
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