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KOS - IN718 (15-53um)

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This 15-53um cut of IN718 nickel super alloy powder from KOS is suitable for gas turbine components, cryogenic storage tanks, jet engines, rocket motors, and other additive manufacturing applications involving Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF).

  • Produced using the EIGA atomization process
  • Highly spherical with minimal satellites
  • High tensile and impact strength in extreme temperatures (-460°F/-273°C to 1300°F/704°C)
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • High-yield and creep-rupture properties

For more details, please download the Specifications and Safety Data Sheet below.

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IN718 Nickel Super Alloy Perfected with EIGA

This Inconel 718 nickel super alloy from KOS has been produced using the EIGA process for a powder that is highly spherical in shape and has minimal deformation for error-free 3D printing. This 15-53um variety is tailor-made for LPBF additive manufacturing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inconel 718 used for?

Due to its resistance to a wide range of extreme temperatures, the Inconel 718 material is used by design engineers for many fundamental industrial applications where high tensile strength is also a critical factor.

Which industries can use Inconel 718?

Industries that require components resistant to thermal shocks, oxidation, and stress breakage can use Inconel 718. For example, oil and gas, aviation, aerospace, nuclear energy, and cryogenic tankage industries.

Is Inconel 718 stronger than stainless steel?

Stainless steel is stronger than Inconel at lower temperatures, whereas Inconel is stronger than stainless steel at higher temperatures and more resistant to oxidation corrosion.

$91.64 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • A rocket launching into space

    Aerospace & Aviation

    Due to its incredible strength and resistance to corrosion at high temperatures, the IN718 is used for manufacturing components such as jet engines, pump bodies and parts, and rocket motors and thrust reversers.

  • A cryogenic storage tank made with in718

    Cryogenic Storage Tanks

    The wide temperature range of the Inconel 718 material makes it excellent for producing various parts for cryogenic storage tanks that include both cooling and thermal elements.

  • Nuclear power plant with smoke coming out of chimney

    Nuclear Reactors

    The design characteristics of this nickel super alloy make it a suitable choice for nuclear fuel element spacers that require high forging and welding capabilities as well as high-temperature resistance.