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KOS - IN718 (45-150um)

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This 45-150um size 718 alloy from KOS has many industrial applications including hot extrusion tooling, high strength bolting, and downhole shafting. It’s used in the production of aircraft, spacecraft, and other industries which take advantage of direct energy deposition additive manufacturing.

  • Produced using the EIGA atomization process
  • Highly spherical, minimal agglomerate
  • Low porosity, excellent flowability
  • Resistant to oxidation, creep, and stress rupture
  • High strength in temperatures ranging between -460°F to 1300°F (-273°C to 704°C)

For more information, please see the Specifications and Safety Data Sheet documents below.

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High-Quality 718 Alloy Powder from KOS

This Inconel nickel alloy from KOS is reputed for its consistent, spherical microstructure that has minimal deformations for high-precision 3D printing of complex structures. It’s a result of a sophisticated atomization process known as EIGA that creates the most ideal distribution of grain size, eliminating unruly satellites and increasing flowability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Inconel 718?

The Inconel 718 material is a super alloy with high resistance against creep, stress-rupture, and oxidation till 1300°F (704°C) along with excellent weldability, making it a tough and versatile material for many industrial applications.

Is 718 alloy the same as Inconel 718?

Yes, it’s used interchangeably with Inconel 718, alloy 718, IN718, and Nickel 718. All of these names refer to the same product.

Which industries can use Inconel 718?

A few industries that can and do use Inconel 718 are aviation, aerospace, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, cryogenic tankage, nuclear reactors, and power plants.

$70.7 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • A row of cryogenic storage tanks

    Cryogenic Storage Tanks

    718 alloy is resistant to stress rupture in extremely high and low temperatures, making it suitable for the manufacturing of cryogenic storage tank components, which are subjected to extremely low temperatures.

  • An oil rig on the sea

    Oil and Gas

    Inconel 718 material is used for oil and gas drilling rig components such as burner booms, downhole tubulars, and wellhead hardware, which requires high strength and oxidation resistance in extreme thermal conditions.

  • Assembly of a rocket core at aerospace factory

    Aircraft and Aerospace

    Nickel super alloys like the Inconel 718 alloy make up almost half the material in rocket engines and aircraft due to their excellent weldability and resistance to elements like corrosion, creep, and extreme temperatures.