Laser Bed 3D Printing

KBM provides high-quality metal powders for 3D printing

Premium Metal Powders for 3D Printing

High-quality metal powders are essential for efficient additive manufacturing. Due to the fixed nature of 3D printers, even the smallest imperfections in your metal powder can lead to serious defects down the line. 3D-printed alloys of common materials like steel and aluminum are being used to create components for a range of industries, from aerospace to automotive. At KBM, we’re providing everything manufacturers need to scale up their production with fast deliveries.

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Direct Sales

Sourcing high-quality metal powders for 3D printing is a hassle for most companies. A lack of innovation in the market means businesses often have to go through many intermediaries to get the metal powders they need. KBM’s direct business model makes metal powder accessible for every business, no matter how large or small.

Trusted Products

The purity of powdered metal can make all the difference for 3D printing. That’s why KBM acts as an inventory bridge between manufacturers of all sizes and industry leading metal powder producers. When you order from KBM, you’ll even receive a certification ensuring the authenticity of the metal powder.

Ordering, Simplified

KBM removes the uncertainty that comes with ordering from multiple suppliers with a simple, transparent system. All users have to do to order multiple premium 3D printing alloys is create an account. Our intelligent system allows users to track their orders and ship to multiple addresses.

Dedicated Service

We believe that a lack of materials shouldn’t keep you from innovating, and our lower minimum order quantities help businesses of every size to raise the bar. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. We also maintain a detailed FAQ for general queries.