KBM helps Additive Manufacturing, 3D Metal Printing, Metal Injection Molding, Metal Spray Coating, and other advanced manufacturing companies grow their sectors.

Products that Serve Advanced Manufacturing

    Unique Needs of Advanced Manufacturing

    Advanced manufacturing production methods have allowed for a widely distributed production base of metal powder consumers. This distributed customer base requires a supplier dedicated to understanding and stocking the inventory it needs, from the producers that are qualified, ready to quote and ship immediately.
    • High Quality Metal Powder

    • Varying Requirements by Production Method and Industry

    • Flexible Financing Arrangements

    • Single Source for Multiple Suppliers

    preparing for 3d printing

    KBM Advanced Materials Understands your unique needs

    Advanced Manufacturing, 3D Printing, MIM, and Spray Coating

    KBM understands the technical requirement and product specifications of the metal powders required for the different methods of 3D printing. We also know that different projects may have different qualified raw materials. For these reasons we have multiple supply sources, in various size fractions, alloys and standards. Our product categories are always expanding to meet your needs.
    • Orders shipped within 48 hours
    • Automatic Renewal Plans
    • Inventory Financing
    • Access to multiple producers through a single source
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