KBM Advanced Materials helps additive manufacturing, metal injection molding, 3D metal printing, metal spray coating, and other advanced manufacturing companies grow their business. We are a direct sales business model offering a unique distribution network to companies in need of metal powder supply.

Our purpose is simple: to provide our customers with high-quality powdered alloys backed by an excellent customer experience.

Serving the Unique Needs of Advanced Manufacturing

As an industry-leading metal powder supplier, KBM has transformed the way metal powder is sold. Our expertise in the advanced manufacturing space makes us uniquely qualified to help our customers grow their businesses. We work with industry-leading manufacturers from around the globe so you can always have reliable product availability.

With the growth of advanced manufacturing industries, the need for a more reliable supply chain model is increasing. With KBM, you can easily access quality materials that meet the needs of your project's specific requirements.

  • High Quality Metal Powder

  • Varying Requirements by Production Method and Industry

  • Flexible Financing Arrangements

  • Single Source for Multiple Suppliers

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A Supplier You Can Rely On

You need a supplier that understands your needs, stocks inventory from qualified producers you trust, and is ready to quote and ship right away. KBM prides itself in being all three.

KBM offers a practical and easy online ordering process for the raw materials that additive manufacturing companies and other advanced manufacturing markets need. We have multiple supplies in different alloys, standards, and size fractions — and we're always expanding our selection.

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Order Today with KBM

Go ahead and create an account, find your metal powders, and place an order today. For additive manufacturing companies, KBM is your reliable online supplier for both low minimum orders or regular bulk orders.

We offer automatic renewal plans, inventory financing, and access to multiple producers through a single source. Set up a consultation today.

  • Orders shipped within 48 hours
  • Automatic Renewal Plans
  • Inventory Financing
  • Access to multiple producers through a single source