High-Performance Aluminum Alloy Powders

Atomized Aluminum Producer and Supplier

NanoAL’s Addalloy® family of powders has been produced with a unique patented method that sets it apart in strength and ductility from powders of traditional aluminum silicon-based chemistries. These powders are thermally and mechanically stable due to their smartly designed microstructure with a highly spherical morphology.

A consistent composition and grain size with minimal satellites makes Addalloys ideal for high-precision 3D printing of complex parts, rapid prototyping, and large-scale manufacturing of components. KBM is happy to be the inventory bridge for our customers to buy aluminum powder from a leading alloy aluminum supplier like NanoAL.

Pre-Alloyed for Enhanced Efficiency

Pre-alloyed powders eliminate the need for mixing, blending, or coatings, while also possessing a more homogeneous microstructure and better flow. This reduces handling, storage, printing, and powder recovery issues. It also leads to enhanced processing efficiency and greatly reduces production times.

Heat-Treatable for Specialized Applications

NanoAL Addalloy powders can be heat treated and strengthened through precipitation to modify mechanical properties and achieve improved strength, ductility, and wear resistance. This way the alloy powder can be transformed without work hardening and deformation, allowing manufacturers to meet the requirements for specialized applications in aerospace, automotive, and other industries.

Zero Wastage, Reusable Powder

Unlike other aluminum suppliers, NanoAL’s Addalloy pre-alloyed powders do not undergo any structural changes during the printing process and retain their uniformity and spherical morphology. Excess powder can be easily collected and recovered after getting rid of debris and contaminants and be reused during the next batch of production.

Authentic Products, Delivered Fast

At KBM, we’re dedicated to bringing you high quality, certified products from producers you already know and use — in a way that’s faster and easier. No need to call the producer directly, wait for a quote, and set up a delivery. Simply order your desired products online from KBM and we’ll ship them to you within 2 days. Create an online account with us now for faster lead times when you buy aluminum powder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using aluminum alloy powders in additive manufacturing?

There are many advantages of using aluminum alloy in AM. It has high thermal conductivity, is resistant to corrosion, and has a good strength-to-weight ratio. It can be easily used for a variety of industrial applications including prototyping and tooling.

Who is the best powdered aluminum supplier?

NanoAL, Tekna, and Elementum3D are some of the best aluminum alloy powder suppliers. KBM always keeps their products in stock so you can receive them in just a few days.

Which industries can use aluminum alloy powders?

Aluminum alloy powders are very versatile and can be used across a wide range of industries for varied applications. Some of the industries that can use aluminum alloy powders are aerospace, automotive, tooling, consumer goods, biomedical, electronics, and construction.

Where can I buy aluminum powder?

KBM is the best place to order your aluminum powder. We act as an inventory bridge between a wide network of metal powder suppliers and manufacturers like you so you can skip the traditional, slow method of directly ordering from the supplier. Enjoy faster quoting and delivery on powders from your favorite aluminum suppliers with KBM. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.