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KBM Advanced Materials delivers the latest additive manufacturing news, articles, and updates. The manufacturing industry moves fast, and the technology is constantly evolving. We’re proud to be at the forefront, delivering an industry-disrupting way to purchase the supplies your company requires. Follow our news section to stay in the loop.

What Is Powder Bed Fusion?

What Is Powder Bed Fusion?

Dec 15th 2022

Powder bed fusion (PBF) is one of the most popular types of additive manufacturing today. This method involves creating a 3D digital model that is dissected into several different layers, each layer i … read more
How The Aerospace Industry Relies on Titanium

How The Aerospace Industry Relies on Titanium

Nov 28th 2022

The utilization of titanium shook up the aerospace industry in 1971, at the time largely dominated by steel and aluminum. Since then, titanium alloys have become a staple for aerospace applications, w … read more

4 Types of Metal Additive Manufacturing

Sep 16th 2022

Steadily decreasing input costs and industry acceptance are quickly bringing metal additive manufacturing (AM) into the spotlight. What used to be a manufacturing niche reserved for prototyping and ra … read more

Our Game-Changing Business Model

It’s impossible to ignore the impact our direct sales ecommerce platform has had on the manufacturing industry. We’ve partnered with many businesses that recognize the importance of having a go-to inventory bridge. As the first and only company to take this approach, you won’t find business services like ours anywhere else!

A Faster Way to Order Atomized Metals

In an industry where timing is paramount, we always go the extra mile to keep our customers supplied and satisfied. After all, you never want your workday to be disrupted because you’re short on materials. Depend on our team to process and ship your order within 1-2 business days — guaranteed.

Some Things Should Stay the Same

While we’re thrilled to offer innovative solutions to common problems, we believe that some aspects of additive manufacturing technology don’t need to be altered — like the raw materials. That’s why we only sell powdered metals from the names you already know and use.

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We’ve formed major partnerships with advanced manufacturing companies because what we do works — it’s that simple. Contact us if you have any questions about additive manufacturing news, or to inquire about our financing plans. We’re proud to be your go-to resource for manufacturing technology. Check our 3D printing blog often for updates.