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Osprey® 625 (15-53um)

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Osprey® 625 is a solution-hardened, nickel-based superalloy with molybdenum and niobium. The nickel alloy 625 offers very high corrosion resistance and is typically used in demanding applications on low concentrations of residual elements.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance in acidic environments
  • High strength
  • Excellent fabrication properties
  • Suitable for temperatures from -196°C to 815°C (-321°F to 1,500°F)

Please download the Specifications and Safety Data Sheet documents below for more information.

Expected release date is Jul 15th 2024

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Nickel Alloy 625

Osprey® 625 is an alloy similar to Inconel® 625 in terms of composition and properties. It’s manufactured through either induction melting under Vacuum Inert Gas Atomization (VIGA) or melting under argon prior to Inert Gas Atomization (IGA). The alloyed nickel metal powder possesses a spherical, even morphology with good flowability and high packing density. This results in a metallurgically clean nickel powder with minimal impurities for error-free additive manufacturing.

Delivering Quality Metal Powders

In manufacturing, maintaining a well-stocked inventory is essential for managing R&D and critical business operations. KBM Advanced Materials prioritizes swift processing and shipping, allowing you to keep your production line and business uninterrupted. Order nickel alloy 625 today or explore our other metal powder options to stock up on your essential raw materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make alloyed nickel metal powder?

The powdered form of nickel alloy is manufactured using a technique known as gas atomization where a molten stream of the metal is broken down into tiny particles using an inert gas such as argon. Alternatively, the metal alloy can be melted down with argon before being broken down using inert gas.

What is nickel alloy 625?

It’s an alloy of 58% nickel, 20-23% chromium, and 8-10% molybdenum. It also has other elements present in lesser amounts such as iron, titanium, and cobalt. This NiCrMo alloy is known for its high strength, corrosion resistance, and excellent fabrication properties.

What is nickel alloy used for?

Nickel alloy Osprey® 625 is extremely versatile and can be used in both oxidizing and reducing acidic environments. It’s used in hydraulic systems, heat exchangers, and high-temperature applications in industries such as aerospace, chemical process, and power. It’s the ideal material for Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) technologies.

Is Inconel 625 the same as Osprey® nickel alloy 625?

Osprey® 625 and Inconel 625 are similar alloys composed of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum that are known for their high strength and corrosion resistance properties. They’re both owned by different manufacturers, hence the difference in name.

$89.95 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • A white rocket on a launch pad on the ground


    Nickel metal powder is vital in aerospace due to its high strength and corrosion resistance. It’s used in aircraft components such as engine parts and exhaust systems.

  • A chemical manufacturing plant

    Chemical Processes

    Osprey® nickel alloy 625 can withstand highly oxidizing and reducing acidic environments, making it a suitable choice for applications where corrosion resistance is required.

  • A power plant with billowing smoke


    This alloy is used for components in gas turbine engines and steam generators in the power industry due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and corrosive conditions.