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Osprey® MAR-60 (15-53um)

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Osprey® MAR-60 is an ultra-high hardness maraging steel alloyed with cobalt, nickel and molybdenum. The alloy is typically used for conformal-cooled mold tooling applications that require high levels of performance, such as injection mold tools, extrusion tools, die-casting dies, cores and core pins. It is characterized by:

  • Ultra-high hardness of 41 HRC
  • Tensile strength of 2,400+ MPa
  • Heat treatable for enhanced mechanical properties
  • Suitable for applications in plastic and metal injection mold tools

Please download the Specifications and Safety Data Sheet documents below for more information.

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Gas Atomized Cobalt Nickel Alloy

Osprey® MAR-60HRC-AM is a maraging steel powder manufactured by inert gas atomization, capable of achieving ultra-high levels of mechanical strength and hardness.

It has a spherical morphology with good flow characteristics, high packing density, low oxygen content, and low impurity levels for a metallurgically clean product that can meet the demands of high-performance applications. Contact us to learn more about this Sandvik Osprey® powder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the composition of maraging steels?

Maraging steels are a class of high-strength and hardness steels composed of a large amount of nickel along with cobalt, molybdenum, and small amounts of other elements such as titanium and aluminum. For example, Osprey® MAR-60HRC-AM or 13Ni400 is majorly composed of 15% cobalt, 13% nickel, and 10% molybdenum.

What are the properties of cobalt nickel alloy?

CoNi alloys are known for possessing high mechanical strength and hardness which makes them resistant to wear and elevated temperatures, making them suitable for demanding applications in aerospace and electronics. These alloys also exhibit excellent corrosion resistance properties.

What are the advantages of maraging steel?

Due to their unique composition, maraging steels offer numerous advantages in terms of physical and mechanical properties. For example, maraging steels such as cobalt nickel alloys are exceptionally sturdy and durable, possessing tensile strength of 1,400+ MPa at room temperature and over 2,400+ MPa after heat treatment. Maraging steel is also known for its easy weldability and machinability.

Where can I find authentic Sandvik Osprey® powder?

Osprey® is a range of high-performance, gas-atomized metal powder from Sandvik known for its consistency, purity, and even morphology. You can order genuine cobalt nickel alloy or other powder directly by exploring our range of Sandvik metal powder to enjoy fast lead times.

$82.75 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • A rocket launching into space


    Osprey® MAR-60HRC-AM possesses high strength and corrosion resistance and can withstand elevated temperatures, making it suitable for components like turbine blades.

  • Metal parts created through die casting

    Tool and Die

    The excellent properties of the cobalt nickel alloy make it valuable for conformal-cooled mold tooling applications. This includes injection mold tools, extrusion tools, die-casting dies, and core pins.

  • A close-up of a car engine


    Automotive components such as exhaust systems and turbocharger parts require wear resistance and high-temperature performance, making Osprey® MAR-60HRC-AM an ideal choice.