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Osprey® MAR-60 (20-45um)

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Osprey® MAR-60 is an ultra-high hardness maraging steel alloyed with cobalt, nickel, and molybdenum. The alloy is typically used for conformal-cooled mold tooling applications that require high levels of performance, such as injection mold tools, extrusion tools, die-casting dies, cores, and core pins. Some of its properties are:

  • Ultra-high hardness
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Heat treatable for enhanced mechanical properties
  • Suitable for applications in plastic and metal injection mold tools

Please download the Specifications and Safety Data Sheet documents below for more information.

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High Strength Cobalt Nickel Molybdenum Alloy

A maraging steel powder, Osprey® MAR-60 is produced through inert gas atomization which results in a fine powder of spherical morphology that can achieve ultra-high levels of mechanical strength and hardness upon heat treatment. It’s a metallurgically clean product with low impurity levels and high packing density, ideal for use in a variety of demanding applications. This 20-45um cut of cobalt-nickel powder is suitable for 3D printing and Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technologies.

An Innovative Way to Order Quality Metal Powder

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cobalt nickel molybdenum alloy used for?

CoNiMo maraging steels are known for their excellent hardness and strength and the ability to withstand extreme conditions, including high temperatures and pressure. This is why they’re suitable for aerospace components, missile casings, and other critical applications where reliability and performance are of high importance.

How is cobalt-nickel powder made?

CoNi alloy metal powders are typically produced through a method known as gas atomization where the alloyed metal is melted and then dispersed into a fine powder using an inert gas. When created using this method, the powder produced is highly spherical in morphology, dense, and contains minimal impurities.

What is cobalt nickel molybdenum alloy made of?

CoNiMo maraging steels such as the Osprey® MAR-60 are primarily composed of 15% cobalt, 13% nickel, and 10% molybdenum. They also contain trace elements like titanium, chromium, manganese, silicon, aluminum, and carbon which add to the physical and mechanical properties of the alloy.

Is maraging steel strong?

Yes, maraging steel is known for its combination of high strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance. A cobalt nickel molybdenum alloy maraging steel such as the Osprey® MAR-60 exhibits a tensile strength of 1,400+ MPa at room temperature and over 2,400 MPa when heat treated.

$103.16 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • A white space shuttle above clouds


    Cobalt-nickel powder is widely utilized in aerospace for manufacturing critical components such as missile casings, rocket motor cases, and structural parts due to their exceptional strength and toughness.

  • A stainless steel metal tool

    Tool and Die

    The high-strength and wear-resistant properties of CoNiMo maraging steels make them suitable for the production of cutting tools, molds, and dies where durability and precision are crucial.

  • An offshore oil drilling rig on water

    Oil and Gas

    Cobalt nickel molybdenum alloy can withstand high-pressure, corrosive environments, and provide reliable performance, making them valuable for components in downhole drilling tools and equipment.