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RocketPowder GRCop-42

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20 units
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500 units

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KBM has developed a reliable supply chain for high-quality GRCop-42 metal powder. Our commitment is to ensure this material is consistently available for the demanding applications in rocket engine components.

  • Size Fraction: - 63 + 15 µm
  • Composition: Cu Cr Ni
  • RocketPowder characteristics include:
  • Extremely low tramp elements Fe, Al and Si
  • Low O levels
  • Controlled ratio of Cr/Ni
  • Inventory stocked in the United States
  • Customized screening can be provided

Please read the Specifications document for more details.

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It's not rocket science, it's RocketPowder

RocketPowder GRCop-42 is an innovative metal powder product from KBM. This is a chromium-niobium-copper alloy powder with high thermal conductivity, excellent creep resistance, low cycle fatigue life and ability to retain strength at elevated temperatures. It's the choice alloy for aerospace production of components for liquid rocket engines and other combustion devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is GRCop-42?

GRCop-42 is an advanced copper alloy powder developed by NASA exclusively for use in the aerospace industry. It’s a part of a group of GRCop alloys that is suitable for additive manufacturing by Powder Bed Fusion (PBF), specifically Selective Laser Melting (SLM). It has a high-strength dispersion and high conductivity

What Are the Properties of RocketPowder?

RocketPowder is composed of rhenium and tantalum for enhanced strength and high-temperature stability at 1400 ºF and outperforms traditional copper alloys like CuCrZr in terms of creep resistance and thermal conductivity. It also exhibits high-strength dispersion, high conductivity, and excellent oxidation and blanching resistance.

Where Is GRCop-42 Used?

GRCop-42 is used in high strength and high heat flux applications in the aerospace industry for complex components such as liquid rocket engine combustion devices, nozzles, and throat inserts which can withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures experienced during rocket propulsion. It’s also valuable for use in hypersonic vehicles and thermal management systems.

What Is the Difference Between GRCop-42 and 84?

GRCop-42 has improved conductivity and limited reduction in strength over GRCop-84 along with a simplified powder atomization. But GRCop-42 copper alloy powder displays lower mechanical properties like strength, for higher thermal conductivity, resulting in a lower wall temperature. However, both alloys can operate at temperatures up to 800°C, leaving behind all other copper-based alloys in the 500-700°C range.

$275 per kg
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Applicable Markets

  • A rocket engine part


    GRCop-42 exhibits high strength, heat transfer properties, and resistance to oxidation, making it ideal for aerospace components that require high heat flux.

  • A hypersonic jet in flight

    Hypersonic Vehicles

    Owing to its high thermal conductivity, GRCop-42 can be used to manage the intense heat generated during hypersonic flight, making it ideal for critical components.

  • Thermal management system of car

    Thermal Management

    Heat exchangers, cooling fins, and other components in thermal management systems that require efficient heat transfer are an ideal candidate for the use of GRCop-42.