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Gas Atomized Sandvik Metals

Sandvik is an industry-leading producer of fine metal powders, boasting material expertise of 160 years and counting. They have been producing top-quality gas-atomized metal powder for over 45 years, allowing manufacturers across the world to create strong and reliable components for diverse purposes. KBM has curated the best metal powder from Sandvik and made it accessible online. Create an account with us to order now!

Materials You Can Trust

Sandvik has been a leader in the metal powder industry for over 45+ years and is known for producing atomized powder of high purity. They have a wide range of alloys for Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) and Additive Manufacturing (AM), making them a suitable choice for your business.

Quality Powder for Error-Free Printing

KBM makes it easier to acquire quality Sandvik metals and other 3D printing powder from brands you already know and use. This ensures precise, error-free printing of highly reliable parts. Never worry about performance or authenticity when you order from us.

Order What You Need

Looking for gas-atomized metal powder in small quantities to fulfill a specific order, or in bulk for uninterrupted production? With KBM’s lower restrictions on minimum orders you can order the exact quantities you need for your purpose. We also offer financing options to make ordering your desired materials with us easier. Contact us for more information on this!

Shipped Within 2 Days

At KBM, our goal is to help you acquire raw materials for additive manufacturing faster. From our easy e-commerce platform to our 1-2 day shipping times, we’ve designed every step of the process to support your production line and help you fulfill your material needs efficiently. Order Sandvik metals and high-performance metal powder from your favorite brands at KBM today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sandvik materials?

Sandvik is a leading metal powder manufacturer known for their wide range of stainless steels and special alloys that boast high purity, minimal deformations, excellent density, and flowability. Sandvik metals are preferred by design engineers across the world for their strength, durability, and design flexibility.

What is gas-atomized metal powder?

Gas atomization is a method of producing metal powder from solid metal wherein molten metal is broken into fine droplets using an inert gas and then rapidly cooled to form a powder. The powder formed from this process is spherical in shape, uniform in size and density, and is an excellent choice for additive manufacturing.

Is stainless steel from Sandvik high-quality?

Yes! The stainless steel powders from the Sandvik metals range are excellent in terms of strength, corrosion resistance, and other mechanical properties. They are pure powders produced through gas atomization and are highly reliable in their performance whether you’re using it for advanced industries, such as automotive and aerospace, or for consumer goods.

Is powdered metal from Sandvik high-quality?

Yes! Sandvik has been a leading additive manufacturing company in the industry for over 160 years now with 45+ years of experience producing gas-atomized metal powder, which is why Sandvik metals are an excellent choice for Metal Injection Moulding and Additive Manufacturing technologies. You can order a diverse range of Sandvik products online at KBM Advanced Materials!