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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Is Metal Turned Into Powder?

There are several methods through which metals can be converted into powder suitable for 3D printing. One is the gas atomization method where a molten stream of metal is broken down into fine droplets and rapidly cooled with a gas, forming fine powder. Another is the water atomization method where the molten metal is atomized with water instead of a gas. A third is the plasma atomization method which uses a plasma arc to atomize the melted metal. There are also several other methods, but these are the most common ones.

2. What Is Metal Powder Used For?

Powdered metal has a wide variety of applications in numerous industries which require complex parts with high precision. It’s used to manufacture engine parts, transmission gears, brakes, and other advanced powder products in the automotive industry. In the aerospace industry, powders like aluminum and titanium are used to manufacture lightweight parts for the engine, rocket propellants, thermal barrier coatings and more. AM powder also has applications in the electronics, food & beverage, cryogenic tankage, and nuclear power industries.

3. What Are the Properties of Metal Powder?

Powdered metal has many characteristics that make it a desirable alternative to traditional manufacturing materials. The properties largely depend on the type of metal but some common ones are: excellent flowability, particle size distribution, thermal conductivity, and density. It has a high chemical purity and can be sintered without losing integrity. Powdered metal can also be manufactured to create metal powder products with specific mechanical properties like corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, hardness, and creep resistance.