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TEKMAT AlSi10Mg 63/20 AMS

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Tekna plasma-atomized AlSi10Mg aluminum alloy spherical metal powder is ideal for additive manufacturing applications of many types. The plasma atomization process imbues several attributes that benefit many manufacturing industries.

  • Powerful density
  • Workability
  • Plasma atomized
  • Fabricability

Powerful Aluminum AlSi10mg

This spherical aluminum atomized metal powder has powerful capability thanks to its density, workability, and fabricability. Whether it’s put to use for aircraft components, industrial manufacturing, or other processes, it’s a material you can rely on for critical applications. And, the plasma atomization guarantees whatever this metal powder produces can be both robust and precise. Contact us to learn more about the place TEKMAT AlSi10Mg has in your industry.

Quality Certified

At KBM, we work hard to ensure our products meet industry standards and certifications. This is the same product you’d get ordering directly from TEKMAT, but through a simple and streamlined ecommerce platform. KBM even offers low minimum orders for more flexibility for our customers.

$91 per kg

Applicable Markets

  • Airplane against blue skies and clouds


    The density and workability of this atomized AlSi10Mg aluminum alloy make it a good component for aircraft parts and assembly.

  • industrial drill on metal


    This AlSi10mg powder has the toughness necessary for use in industrial applications.

  • Gas turbine in factory


    This material’s fabricability can be optimized for use with turbines and other energy industry components.