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TEKMAT Ni 625 45/15 STD

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Tekna premium plasma atomized Ni-625 nickel alloy spherical metal powder, ideal for additive manufacturing (3D printing). Designed for aerospace applications.

Size Fraction: - 53 + 10 µm

Composition: Ni Cr Mo Nb

Please download the material specifications and safety data sheet for more details.

  • Designed to withstand duress
  • Resistant to stress-induced cracking
  • Fights off chlorine corrosion
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Contains a high quantity of nickel

High-Strength Nickel Alloy Powder

Tekna’s premium nickel alloy powder fits comfortably into any manufacturing plan that calls for a durable product that won’t crack when it is put to the test. This nickel metal powder’s chemical corrosion resistance makes it ideal for petrochemical applications as well. KBM works with Tekna to distribute high quality powders for every market.

Safe Ordering, Every Time

KBM strives to be the only distributor consumers will ever need. Functioning as an inventory bridge between customers and leading producers, KBM ships certifications that match the metal powder with customer orders, so customers know what they’re getting is authentic. With us, you’re ordering the same premium product you’d normally get; KBM is just an easier way of getting it. Need help ordering nickel alloy powder? Contact us — we’re ready to help.

$93.95 per kg

Applicable Markets

  • car being manufactured by machines

    Vehicle Manufacturing

    The high durability of the material makes it a safe choice for vehicle manufacturers. Nickel metal powder makes for stronger final products.

  • rod being inserted into furnace


    Furnaces emit massive quantities of corrosive chemicals that can ruin brick and metal furnaces. Ni 625’s heat resistant properties make it a good fit for furnace fittings.

  • metal components on table


    Nickel alloy powder can be easily used by 3D printers to create complex component designs that still retain the durable properties that the powder is valued for.