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TEKMAT Ni 718 105/45

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This high-quality Tekna plasma atomized Ni-718 nickel alloy spherical metal powder for sale is ideal for additive manufacturing (3D printing). Designed for aerospace applications.

Size Fraction: - 105 + 45 µm

Composition: Ni Cr Mo Nb Ti Al Fe

Please download material specifications and safety data sheets for more details.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High thermal stability
  • Resistant to oxidation and electrical erosion
  • Versatile — can be used in multiple industries
  • High workability in harsh environments

Versatile Nickel Powder For Sale

Tekna’s TEKMAT Ni 718 105/45 nickel alloy metal powder for sale is an outstanding choice for 3D printing due to its valuable set of characteristics. A jack of all trades, it is highly weldable while still being resistant to cracking afterwards. The industry-grade resistance to corrosion and strength make it a reliable choice for a range of markets, including turbine parts, aerospace, and smaller, geometrically complex prints.

The smooth sphericity of Tekna’s atomized alloy powder makes it even more efficient to pack and use for manufacturing, making it ideal for bulk production. Buy nickelpowder today at KBM.

Bringing Enthusiasts Together

KBM’s unique marketplace distribution model makes it uniquely placed to be a connection between industry leading producers and consumers. Whether you’re just starting out and experimenting with 3D printing or a large organization, you can count on finding everything you need from nickel powder to titanium alloy powder for sale, along with unbeatable service.

$94.95 per kg

Applicable Markets

  • airplane turbines on tarmac


    High weldability allows engineers to weld nickel alloy metal powder into complex shapes while retaining the strength needed for products like turbines.

  • ship docked at port

    Ship Building

    Ship builders buy nickel powder for the resistance to pressure, oxidation and excellent thermal stability.

  • metal pipes in a factory

    Process Industry

    Continuous production lines demand the resistance to corrosion offered by nickel alloy powder. Pipes and other resistant components are used to transport delicate chemicals.