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TEKMAT Ni 718 45/15 STD

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This high-quality Tekna powder is a plasma atomized Ni-718 nickel alloy spherical metal powder, ideal for additive manufacturing (3D printing). Designed for aerospace applications.

Size Fraction: - 53 + 10 µm

Composition: Ni Cr Mo Nb Ti Al Fe

  • Withstands high temperatures in challenging environments.
  • Spherical nickel powder with high purity.
  • Has applications in a range of industries including aerospace and industrial manufacturing.
  • Highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Shaped between 985-1150°C.

Premium Tekna Powder

Tekna is a name trusted by both enthusiasts and manufacturers. Tekna nickel alloy powders are mainstays in additive manufacturing, with applications in aerospace, nuclear and industrial environments. These powders are characterized by high packing density and purity. This is enabled by the TEKSPHERO system, creating powders that are highly spherical, whether metallic or ceramic. KBM works with Tekna to distribute their spherical nickel powder to customers that rely on excellence.

Ordering Made Easy

KBM Advanced Materials is changing the distribution game for additive manufacturing. Customers can create an account in seconds and begin adding their favorite Tekna powder to the cart. KBM’s excellent service lets you track orders from start to finish. If you’d like to order again, you can save your details for an even faster checkout next time! If you have questions or need help at any stage of the process, KBM is always standing by to help.

A Bridge Between Producers and Customers

KBM strives to be the only inventory bridge that you need. Bringing together manufacturers and buyers, KBM takes the hassle out of ordering materials, such as spherical nickel powder, so you can focus on what really matters. Our lower minimum order limits make additive manufacturing a reality for both enthusiasts and businesses looking to level up their production.

$94.95 per kg

Applicable Markets

  • Airplane flying into clouds at sunset

    Aerospace Manufacturing

    Nickel alloy can withstand extreme temperatures in punishing environments, making it perfect for aerospace applications.

  • Metalworker using sparking metal grinder

    Industrial Production

    The durability of high quality nickel alloy allows it to be used for manufacturing of valves, fasteners, and other smaller components that might be needed in industrial settings.

  • windmills in green field

    Power Generation

    Highly spherical nickel alloy powder can be used in power generation plants. Whether that’s nuclear or conventional thermal plants, this powder can be used in the manufacturing of turbine components and vessels.