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A high-quality, plasma atomized 99.9% Tungsten spherical metal powder produced by Tekna. This product is ideal for additive manufacturing (3D printing). It is the material of choice for electrical and microelectronic applications (targets, filaments).

Size Fraction: - 45 + 15 µm

Composition: 99.9% W

Please download material specifications and safety data sheets for more details.

  • Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity
  • High density
  • Very high melting point
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Spherical Tungsten Powder

Tekna’s unique plasma atomization process allows for superior quality and uniformity in their tungsten powders.  Rely on Tekna when controlled flow and chemsitry are required.  TEKMATTM W-45 

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Quality Ensured

KBM is revolutionizing powder distribution. All our products match the certifications for industry standards, so you know you’re getting the same excellent products you would find elsewhere. The only difference is that you can now order your powder through a click-to-order e-commerce site instead of going through the sluggish calling, quoting, negotiating, and shipping process that’s the current industry standard.

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$238.97 per kg
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