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Tungsten powder has quickly made its mark on the additive manufacturing scene with applications in aerospace, industrial manufacturing, and petrochemicals.

  • Ideal for additive manufacturing
  • Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Very high melting point
  • High-density

Size Fraction: - 45 + 15 µm

Composition: 99.9% W

Please download material specifications and safety data sheets for more details.

Spherical Tungsten Powder For Matchless Additive Manufacturing

Tekna’s TEKMAT W-45 is a refractory metal powder designed for numerous industries. Manufactured using the unique TEKSPHERO atomization process, this powder is free of impurities and its sphericity enables smooth 3D printing every time. Most manufacturers buy this tungsten powder for its remarkably high melting point, making it a consistently reliable choice for components used in high-temperature environments.

The Only Marketplace Your 3D Printer Needs

KBM was designed from the ground up to be the only destination your business needs for all its additive manufacturing demands. From premium aluminum metal powder to industry-grade titanium from leading manufacturers, businesses can take their pick of the best. Ordering tungsten powder is as easy as creating an account and checking out.

$240 per kg

Applicable Markets

  • an airplane at an airport bridge


    Aerospace components have to be resistant to extremely demanding conditions, whether that’s blistering heat or the freezing cold above the clouds. Tungsten components offer all the resistance you could need while still being malleable.

  • interior of a metallic industrial structure


    A common reason to buy tungsten powder is its elevated density, suited for industrial manufacturing of all kinds — from small components to massive pipes.

  • metal pipes in a factory


    Spherical tungsten powder is easier to pack together, and its excellent conductivity can make it an easy choice for petrochemical applications that call for extended use and high corrosion resistance.