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Tekna 3D printer metal powder has been refined over the last 30 years to get the perfect powder. This is done through the power of Tekna’s plasma technology: inductively coupled plasma that’s been mastered and processed for the best results. Combined with careful precision throughout the process, you get one of the most advanced materials available.

  • $93.95 per kg
    Imphytek Ni 625 53/20

    Imphytek Ni 625 53/20

    Premium Nickel 625 For 3D Printing Forged th...

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  • $240 per kg
    TEKMAT W-45

    TEKMAT W-45

    Spherical Tungsten Powder For Matchless Addi...

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  • $85 per kg
    TEKMAT AlSi10Mg 63/20 AMS

    TEKMAT AlSi10Mg 63/20 AMS

    Powerful Aluminum AlSi10mg This spherical al...

Get it Quickly

Other powder metal distributors don’t have as efficient of a stocking and shipping process as we do. At KBM, we’ve optimized shipping to be conducted within 1-2 business days. Business moves fast, and it’s getting even faster. With us, you can keep up with the demand for your products.

Accessible Options

At KBM, you have the option to buy Tekna powder in smaller quantities and skip the large minimum order amount. With us, our minimum orders are much lower than what you’ll find elsewhere. That allows even smaller companies to get their hands on low-quantity supplies from trusted manufacturers.

Buy Online

KBM is the first company in the industry that can sell Tekna plasma-refined powders and other 3D printer powder supplies through an e-commerce site. Other companies force you to go through a series of steps before you’re allowed to buy, but at KBM we make it easy to get a quote and buy online with just a few clicks

Certifications Met

You may be worried the Tekna powder products you buy from us won’t match up to what you can get from larger providers. Don’t worry: we match all the certifications for our goods, so you know you’re getting the exact same products you would find elsewhere.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.