Tool Steel

Our revolutionary ecommerce direct sales platform simplifies the ordering process

Click-to-Order Tooling Steel

Purchase additive manufacturing steel directly online with the click of a button. KBM is thrilled to offer a first-of-its-kind business model that allows companies of all sizes to purchase metal powders through our convenient portal. Instead of waiting on the phone and waiting for your order, you can simply place your order online now, and we can have it shipped by tomorrow. Explore our selection of metal tooling powder and order what you need.

The Only Direct Online Ordering Platform

We’re disrupting the industry, and our customers couldn’t be happier. In the past, advanced manufacturing companies were forced to call a producer, wait for a quote, and then arrange a delivery. We provide a better alternative, allowing customers to simply purchase tooling steel and other atomized metals directly.

The Fastest Lead Times

In the manufacturing industry, it’s crucial that you keep your inventory stocked so you can plan R&D, scheduling, and other critical business operations. At KBM Advanced Materials, we make fast processing and shipping our highest priorities. Your order will ship within 1-2 business days.

We Only Stock the Brands You Know

We’ve streamlined the ordering experience, but we haven’t changed the product. Rest assured that you’ll receive the exact same materials you already know and use. Your inventory won’t change; it’s just a better ordering process.

Let’s Work Together

If you need tooling steel and also need flexibility with payment, contact us to learn about financing options. With lower minimums, we make powdered metals accessible to smaller companies. Recurring contractual orders are also available. Create an online account now to order additive manufacturing steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between tool steel and regular steel?

Carbon and alloy steels that are used for making tools, molds, and dies are known as tool steel. Tooling steel is carefully alloyed to have specific mechanical properties because of which it differs from regular stainless steel. It’s exceptionally hard and resistant to wear, abrasion, and deformation, and is preferred for processes that require cutting, shaping, and forming.

What are the types of tool steel?

Tool steel can be divided into three broad categories: cold work tool steel, hot work tool steel, and high-speed tool steel. Cold work steels can be further classified into air-hardening, medium-alloy, high-carbon, high-chromium, and oil-hardening. Hot work steels can be of the type chromium, tungsten, and molybdenum. High-speed tool steels can be of the type molybdenum, tungsten, and intermediate. Some other types of tooling steel include water-hardening, shock-resistant, low-carbon, and low-alloy special-purpose tool steels.

What are the uses of tool steel?

Additive manufacturing tool steel is used by industries such as mining and construction, medical, and aerospace for digging and cutting tools, construction equipment, surgical instruments and medical devices, and critical components such as turbine blades, fasteners, and structural elements. It’s the ideal material for tools such as saws, drills, molds and dies, and chisels as well.